1.    Annual Utsavam :

    Is celebrated every year in the malayalam month of Meenam at the star of Devi  “Anizham”.  This year the function was from 28th to 31st of March with variety programmes pertaining to the temple.

2.    Navaham :

    Sreemath Devi Bhagavatha Navaha Yanjam is another major  festival of the temple.  Consecutively we are conducting the function since 2007.  A nine days prolonged programme is conducted by the eminent preceptors Brahmasree Thayyoor Raman Nambisan and Brahmasree Irinjalakuda Reghunandanan.

    On the concluding day of the function “Kumari Pooja” is an atractive item.  The participant girls between the age of 3 to 10 years are adorned with garland and crown and are provided with feast.Subsequently they perform the poojas as prompted by the proceptors.

    The closing ceremony of the function is following to the Shobha Yatra from Chengalloor Sri Mahadeva Temple to Nallathu Temple by the whole mass.

    The entire participants of the Navahayajnam are provided with Breakfast, Lunch, evening tea and Prasadam for nine days.

    As part of Navahayajnam we had the opportunity to conduct “Mahachandika Homam” in the 3rd Yajnam on 24 th April 2009 by Brahmasree J.Devanarayanan potty, Kaithamukku, Thiruvananthapuram.

3.    Prathishta Varshikam :

    The re-installation of the consecration was held in July 1990 following to the modification of the Sreekovil.  The 23rd anniversary will be celebrated on the 20th and 21st of June this year.

Amme Narayana Devi Narayana
Lakshmi Narayana Bhadre Narayana